Cool and casual, but at the same time glamorous and surprising – this is what characterizes the collection City Glam. The basis of almost all wallpapers is a concrete structure that shows well-dosed weathering. From these small scratches and quirks, however, it shines and shimmers. Thus, the vintage charm of bygone eras brings a magical moment into your own four walls.

This collection seems to have been sent from the desert. Turning the pages, you feel silence, untouched and vastness – all this clears the mind. Finely tuned natural tones bring variety into the home. The highlight is the feel of these extraordinary wallpapers. In a special process, as only a few manufacturers have mastered, the finest sand was applied. A wallpaper can not be more realistic. Dune sends the senses on a journey.

Life is not perfect and straightforward. It doesn’t have to be! Exactly this it-is-good-as-it-is feeling can bring the Natural Vibes collection into your own four walls. The basis of the wallpaper is a textile structure, which is far from being accurate and precise. On the contrary, it looks as if woven in a hand loom, with heart and devotion. It lacks all pedantry, all small-mindedness. Reminiscent of hemp fibers, it provides warmth and comfort in the home and continuity in the collection, as it is associated with each main motif.

You like it extravagant at home? Then we have a tip for you. How about a floor-to-ceiling bouquet of flowers on the wall, instead of on the dining table? Who loves flowers, but needs something simpler in the four walls, we recommend our exotic plant world in black on white. And for the romantics in decorating are branches, which are like a delicate shadow play in the sunlight enchant the whole room just right. The new wallpapers of the SCHÖNER WOHNEN collection are here! Together with the Marburger Tapetenfabrik we have developed the best looks of the season: Floral patterns and graphic motifs, strong trendy colors and timeless nuances, fine structures and exciting shine – to create exactly the mood you are looking for in every room.

Go on a journey, immerse yourself in foreign worlds,

in short: experience our new murals!

Smell the earthy forest floor? Hear the sound of the waves?

The brilliant print quality makes all motifs in the SMART ART EASY collection look deceptively real. Let yourself be seduced by the charm of times gone by, be intoxicated by the vastness of the ocean, relax while gazing into a seemingly endless field of poppies.

SMART ART EASY touches the heart. You determine what you feel.

Walls have to please – of course. In the best case, however, they take the viewer on a journey. In the case of VINTAGE deluxe, Felix Diener, Creative Director of Marburger Tapetenfabrik, takes us to special places.

With weathered concrete looks and oxidized metal walls, the collection takes us to the lofts of metropolises or to old, Italian palazzi. You can tell the surfaces have been loved and touched all these years.

The elegant chic, sumptuous look and ornate details of centuries past are evident at first glance. But time has left its mark.