RAL Quality Mark To meet the high standards of environmental compatibility set by consumers today more than 60 wallpaper manufacturers joined together in 1991 to form a quality association which subjects its products to regular monitoring. In collaboration with various institutions and authorities, strict, comprehensive quality regulations which go far beyond the legal requirements were laid down, which were subsequently recognized by the Deutsche Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V. (RAL). Compliance with the quality requirements in monitored constantly by the independent Fraunhofer Institute in Braunschweig. Only products which meet these high standards are awarded the RAL Quality Mark shown here. All of marburg’s wallcoverings bear the RAL Quality Mark, which means that the end consumer can concentrate completely on the appearance of the design when selecting the right wallcovering.
CE Declaration of Performance The CE Declaration of Performance is a designation of building products under EU law. By displaying the CE mark on the inserts with the products, the Marburg Wallpaper Factory, as the manufacturer, is confirming that the product complies with the valid European directives for building products. A declaration of performance (DoP) must be provided for every building product that is covered by a harmonized standard. By giving the DoP, the manufacturer is accepting responsibility for the building product’s compliance with the declared performance in terms of its essential characteristics. The relevant declarations of performance have been provided for all products made by the Marburg Wallpaper Factory in accordance with the product groups defined in DIN EN 15102, and these are available as downloads. The number of the Declaration of Performance with the corresponding CE mark is shown on the product insert.
DIN EN ISO 9001 This important quality management certification has been held by the Marburg Wallpaper Factory since 1996. It is proof of the outstanding quality of our products and a major factor in the relationship of trust that exists between us and our customers all over the world.
RAL duplicated has been removed.
Recycling Certificate
With the disposal of all registered transport and sales packaging, the Marburg Wallpaper Factory complies with the requirements of the Packaging Regulations.
Energy Management Certificate
With the introduction in 2014 of an energy management system as specified in DIN EN ISO 50001, we undertook to handle all forms of energy with awareness and to protect the environment sustainably, through our environmentally friendly products and through our resource-friendly, environmentally compatible production.
Climate Protection Certificate
It was confirmed in 2013 that the Marburg Wallpaper Factory saved 1,079 tonnes of resources by recycling paper, paperboard, old wood and cardboard. This is the equivalent of the weight of 2,544 apple trees. In addition, 108 tonnes of greenhouse gases were saved.
The Dual System
The Marburg Wallpaper Factory participates in the dual system for recycling sales packaging – with great success. In 2011, this helped to save 15 tonnes of CO². This quantity is roughly the equivalent of the CO² emissions caused by the average electricity consumption of eight two-people households.
“Special Mention” award for IMAGINATION (Rat für Formgebung, 2016) Good Design® Award for GLOBALOVE by Karim Rashid (2016) Innovation Prize of the architectural journal AIT for the basalt wallcovering from IMAGINATION (2015) “Company of the Year” (eurodecor, 2015) “Special Mention” award for VISIONS (Rat für Formgebung, 2015) “Top-Website 2014”, awarded by the journal “Malerblatt” “Company of the Year” (eurodecor, 2014) “Special Mention” award for IDENTITY (Rat für Formgebung, 2014) Third place in the “homesolute award 2012”, Wall Design category Innovation Prize 2010 (AIT, architectural journal) Grand Prix for Medium-Sized Companies 2009 (Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung) Training Certification of IHK Nordhessen Grand Prix for Medium-Sized Companies 2005 and 2007 (Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung) Best Sample Card (“Colani” & Ulf Moritz “Pearl” – IGI, Monaco) Most Highly Regarded Product 2007 (Ulf Moritz/Stylepark 2007) Company of the Year 2006 (Weiterbildung / eurodecor 2007)