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Great art for the wall. The Dutch masters knew how to artfully stage a bouquet of flowers 400 years ago: opulent blossoms in intoxicating colors start to glow against a dark background. The photo wallpaper with flowers FLEURS brings in XL format a theme of the Baroque into the 21st century, provides an extravagant background for furniture, replaces the bouquet on the coffee table and is simply great.

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In many films, the supporting roles play so grandiose that they are considered the secret protagonists. It is sometimes no different with wallpapers. It’s the unis that SHADES sets the big stage for, and in this collection they are perfectly deserving of the spotlight. That this is so is due to their colorways and the delicate feel of the surface, which is gently embossed. This makes each wallpaper reminiscent of finely woven linen, and it feels like it. The different nuances of a color match, but the wallpapers also harmonize within the individual color gradations.

Glööckler Jungle

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