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Try the best stone look wallpapers for the living room or the beautiful and exclusive Schöner Wohnen wallpapers for your bedroom.

Available on Saturday 21.03.2020!

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Marburger Tapetenfabrik

WE CELEBRATE 175 years Innovation!

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Marburg presents

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Marburg presents

The New Avalon Kollektion

AVALON is a collection that radiates calm and serenity. This is due on the one hand to the colours, which are kept homely throughout, and on the other hand to the motifs. These are mainly floral motifs and reflect their natural models very realistically. Also worth mentioning are the matching plain colours, which show a fine loop design and thus offer a deceptively real-looking textile look. 

Marburg presents


Imagine living from now on in a marble palace, a rustic wooden log cabin in the middle of a deciduous forest or a stylish loft in exposed concrete.

Marburg presents

Colani Visions

With VISIONS, Luigi Colani has designed his third wallpaper collection for marburg, which combines nature and technology in an extraordinary way: colanistic curves, tree-bark structures and water vortex-shaped designs in metallic, matt surfaces and impressive relief haptics. 

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Platinum is considered one of the most precious metals in the world. It is used in vehicle construction, dentistry and for the production of the most valuable jewels. The PLATINUM collection is capable of transforming your own four walls into true jewels.

Marburg presents

Horus II

Individually exclusive and unmissable: The unique wallpapers of the luxurious Horus collection are unique, not well-behaved. With oxidised iron surface, crushed drapery, cracked impact metal or fragrant hay, they interpret the third dimension in a striking way for the wall.

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BOMBAY is a collection of simple but expressive wallpapers that give character to the room, yet do not push themselves too much into the foreground. It is available in 35 plain colours. In addition, there are decorative stripes and the motif of a bamboo forest, applied by digital printing. The wallpapers are particularly hard-wearing, easy to apply and conceal minor unevenness in the base. 

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marburg celebrates 175 years of innovation!