Dear business friends and customers,

First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the countless signs of sympathy and good wishes that have reached us in the past 72 hours and are still reaching us. It is quite overwhelming to receive so much support from all conceivable quarters.

We are in the midst of analyzing the damage, which of course cannot be completed within a few days due to the dimension of the events.

This much is already certain, however: the damage was caused by an explosion downstream of one of our thermal afterburning plants (TNV), in which the exhaust air generated during production is heated at a very high temperature so that it can be released into the environment without pollutants. This TNV is located outside our actual production buildings, so although the blast wave from the explosion caused damage to the exhaust ducts and infrastructure, the production halls were less severely affected than the pictures suggested.

Nevertheless, it is foreseeable that the repair of the damage will take longer than initially estimated. Currently we have a very good delivery capacity of more than 97% of all our articles. Based on the current assessment of the damage, we assume that full production can probably not be resumed until the beginning of February.

We are working at full speed on solutions to avoid delivery bottlenecks for the missing articles as far as possible.

Our sales staff will inform you immediately about any adjustments.

We thank you for your understanding, will keep you informed and remain with optimistic greetings.

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Schöner Wohnen Wallcoverings

Art for the wall. The Dutch masters already knew 400 years ago how to stage a bouquet of flowers in an artistic way: opulent flowers in intoxicating colours start to glow against a dark background. The FLEURS floral wallpaper brings a baroque theme into the 21st century in XL format, provides an extravagant background for furniture, replaces the bouquet of flowers on the coffee table and is just great.

marburg SCHÖNER WOHNEN at home 32755 a

Vintage Deluxe Tapeten

The Story

Walls have to please – of course. At their best, however, they take the viewer on a journey. In the case of VINTAGE Deluxe, Felix Diener, creative director of Marburger Tapetenfabrik, takes us to special places. The wallpaper collection brings us with the look of weathered concrete and rusty metal walls to lofts in metropolises or old Italian palazzi. You can tell that the surfaces have been loved and touched all these years. The elegance, the pompous impression and the ornamental details of past centuries are evident at first glance. But time has left its mark.


In many films, supporting roles are so grandiose that they are considered the secret protagonists. Sometimes it is no different with wallpapers. The one-colour wallpapers are the stars of the big stage at SHADES, and in this collection they have a well-deserved starring role. This is due to their colours and the delicate feel of the surface, which is softly embossed. This makes each wallpaper look and feel like finely woven linen. The different shades of a colour match, but the wallpapers also harmonise within the individual colour gradations.

Imagine your living room from now on in a marble palace, a rustic wooden log cabin in the middle of a deciduous forest or a stylish loft with exposed concrete.

Modern wallpapers for living room. bedroom or kitchen


Wallpaper to protect against viruses and bacteria

The wallpaper keimEX developed by Marburger Tapetenfabrik has been proven to be able to destroy viruses. Its surface consists of silver nanoparticles, which in studies have shown their effectiveness against influenza (H5N1), noro and also herpes viruses. keimEX is the only wallcovering available on the market that can do such things.
Researchers have found that the new coronavirus can persist on surfaces at room temperature for up to nine days and remain infectious. “The task now is to eliminate precisely these foci of infection,” says Ullrich Eitel, owner of Marburger Tapetenfabrik, which developed the wallpaper. “The walls are the largest surfaces in a room. It’s important that a reduction of pathogens takes place here.”

Now you can also buy keimEX wallpaper online!

Smart Art Aspiration

The finely embossed surface gives the designs an extra dimension

Marburg presents

Cool and casual, but at the same time glamorous and exciting – this distinguishes the City Glam collection. The basis of nearly all its wallpapers is a concrete fabric that shows well dosed weathering. However, it sparkles and shimmers thanks to these small scrapes and defects. Thus, the vintage charm of past epochs lends a magic moment within your own four walls.

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BOMBAY is a collection of simple but expressive wallpapers that give characteristic features to the room, yet do not push themselves too much into the foreground. It is available in 35 plain colours. In addition, there are decorative stripes and the motif of a bamboo forest, applied by digital printing. The wallpapers are particularly hard-wearing, easy to apply and conceal minor unevenness in the base. 

Digital wallpaper collections

Already tried the digital collections?

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