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What is a wallpaper?

The wallpaper is a wall covering made of paper, vinyl or non-woven and is glued to the wall with suitable paste.


Wallpapering is mainly used within one’s own four walls. Whether bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom: The wallpaper creates a particularly beautiful home feeling.

Basically, wallpapering can be done anywhere, you just need a dry and smooth surface and you’re ready to go.

Which wallpapers exist?

1. paper wallpapers

Paper wallpapers consist of two layers of paper. The upper layer is embossed and printed in color, and the lower layer serves as a substrate. During renovation, the upper layer is removed, while the lower layer remains on the substrate.


2. profiled wallpapers (relief wallpapers)

In the case of profiled wallpapers, color pastes are printed on the base material. The surface creates a three-dimensional effect. Most profiled wallpapers are highly resistant to washing, good lightfastness and peelable with splitting, which facilitates subsequent renovation.


3. vinyl wallpapers

These wallpapers consist of a carrier material with firmly bonded vinyl coating. The front side is printed, smooth or embossed and thus versatile. Vinyl wallpapers are mainly used in areas where a strong durability of the surface is important.


4. non-woven wallpapers

In non-woven wallpaper, the paper backing of the wallpaper is replaced by a special non-woven material. In the trade are available both ready-made non-woven wallpaper and those whose surface after wallpapering can be painted in color. Non-woven wallpapers are particularly easy to process: instead of the wallpaper backing, the wall to be wallpapered is pasted directly. The wallpaper can then be glued to the wall completely without soaking time(,,wall gluing technique”). Because the non-woven backing makes the wallpaper dimensionally stable, the soaking time can therefore be dispensed with. Wallpaper with non-woven backing bridges small cracks in the substrate and can be completely dry removed from the wall during renovation.


Wallpapers are available in many modern, floral or ornamental patterns and colors. Basically, a distinction is made between paper and non-woven wallpaper. Due to the many advantages of non-woven wallpaper, it has become well established in living rooms, bedrooms and other living spaces. You do not have to observe any soaking times when wallpapering, you can paste the wall and thus work easier and cleaner, as well as carry out a spontaneous wallpaper change on the weekend without annoying loosening of paper residues due to completely removable strips.

What are the advantages of non-woven wallpaper?

Soaking times must be considered almost only for wallpapers made of paper, because they change their shape slightly in a wet state. Non-woven wallpapers are dimensionally stable, unlike paper wallpapers, so you do not have to consider a soaking time. The wallpapers from marburg do not need to be pasted, you only need to paste the wall and can easily attach the wallpaper strip to the wall. During processing, it is particularly important to ensure a well-prepared substrate.

What does it mean when wallpapers are free of lint?

If a wallpaper is lug-free, it can be pasted without considering a repeat or pattern. That is, you can simply glue the wallpaper strip by strip next to each other. With the high quality of marburg wallpaper, this is also very easy for you. All you have to do is paste the wall and then you can attach the wallpaper strips to the wall. A good pre-treatment of the substrate saves a lot of trouble and guarantees a quick and uncomplicated renovation for your own four walls.

How to wallpaper?

Can you just paste over old wallpaper?

No. Removal of old wallpaper is necessary before any renovation, because pasting over old wallpaper can cause damage to the new wallpaper. With the good non-woven wallpaper from marburg removal is done quickly and you do not need to take any risk.

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How to calculate wallpaper needs?

How many rolls of wallpaper you need to wallpaper your bedroom, living room, kitchen or other rooms depends on several factors. First, you need the perimeter of the room, which is the length of all four walls added together. Next, divide the roll width by the room perimeter. Most wallpaper rolls are standardized, so-called Euro rolls and have dimensions of 10.05m x 0.53m. This gives the number of rolls for your room. Now divide the roll length by the room height, which gives you the number of lanes per roll. Finally, divide the number of sheets per room by the number of sheets per roll and you get your roll requirement.

What wallpapers are modern?

Modern wallpaper must be easy to work with, provide high quality and look good. All these requirements are guaranteed in the wallpaper trends 2020. The designers of marburg are constantly developing new patterns, modern structures and styles for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, bathroom or other rooms. Because of you, the wallpapers are always up to date and refreshing. With a modern wallpaper from marburg you feel in your four walls a little more like in paradise.

Why buy wallpaper from marburg Online?

Why should you only buy clothes online? In this fast-moving time, the trend is moving more and more in the direction of ordering. The letter carrier brings the package conveniently to your home, so you should not do without this luxury even when buying wallpaper. Through optimal images of the motifs, as well as precise descriptions, it is almost as if you were looking at the goods in the store on site. Marburg is guaranteed to have the right wallpaper for you, you just need to look around a bit. But beware: you could quickly fall in love with your next wallpaper!