Wallpaper trends 2021 from marburg

On this page we present, as in 2020, the latest wallpaper trends 2021. Whether you want to give your living room, bedroom or kitchen a new look – online you will find the right wallpaper! 

In this year’s wallpaper trends and novelties we find dark and elegant colors that give our rooms a homey, elegant and cozy look. Within the wallpaper trends 2021 we present you the collections City Glam, Vintage Deluxe and Natural Vibes. You can find all wallpapers in our wallpaper search section.

But which wallpaper will fit in my bedroom or living room?

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You need a little nature to be free

Natural Vibes

What wallpapers will trend in 2021?

Life is not perfect and straightforward. It doesn’t have to be! Exactly this it-is-good-as-it-is feeling can bring the Natural Vibes collection into your own four walls. The basis of the wallpaper is a textile structure, which is far from being accurate and precise. On the contrary, it looks as if woven in a hand loom, with heart and devotion. It lacks all pedantry, all small-mindedness. Reminiscent of hemp fibers, it provides warmth and comfort in the home and continuity in the collection, as it is associated with each main motif.

Wallpaper trends 2021 from marburg - City Glam

Bedroom and living room ideas from City Glam collection. 

Cool and casual, but at the same time glamorous and surprising – this is what distinguishes the collection City Glam. The basis of almost all wallpapers is a concrete structure, which shows well-dosed weathering. From these small scratches and quirks, however, it shines and shimmers. Thus, the vintage charm of bygone eras brings a magical moment into your own four walls.

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City Glam

2021 Trends

All designs are underlaid with a shadow that makes them look more three-dimensional and gives depth and texture to the wallpapered wall. Throughout, all play with precisely coordinated matte-gloss effects. City Glam is completed by two digital prints, also in a vintage concrete look. The secret star of the collection, however, is a plain in linen structure, this unusual wallpaper is offered in the trend colors rose gold and platinum, among others.

City Glam brings modern wallpapers for the living room that belong to the wallpaper trends in 2021.

Wallpaper trends 2021 from marburg - Vintage Deluxe

Living room ideas 2021 from Vintage Deluxe collection

Walls have to please – of course. But in the best case, they take the viewer on a journey. In the case of VINTAGE deluxe, Felix Diener, Creative Director of Marburger Tapetenfabrik, takes us to special places. With weathered concrete looks and oxidized metal walls, the collection takes us to the lofts of metropolises or to old, Italian palazzi. You can tell the surfaces have been loved and touched all these years. The elegant chic, sumptuous look and ornate details of centuries past are evident at first glance. But time has left its mark.
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Vintage Deluxe

2021 Wallpapers novelties

The wallpaper collection of 2021 is almost divided into two parts. Calm, homely tones alternate with heavy, dark nuances. What they have in common is transience. They are not colors that seem youthful and fresh – on the contrary. They tell of bygone times full of wisdom. Metallic colors hint at pomp and luxury.