The Story

In many movies, supporting roles are so great that they are considered the secret protagonists. Sometimes it’s no different with wallpapers. It’s the uniforms that take center stage in SHADES, and in this collection they have a fully deserved starring role. This is due to their colors and the delicate feel of the surface, which is softly embossed. This makes each wallpaper reminiscent of finely woven linen and also feels like linen. The different shades of a color match, but the wallpapers also harmonize within the individual color gradations.

32444 - Shades

Even if SHADES turns the supporting roles into stars, there are still three designs that perfectly match the plain colors: Realistic-looking flowers, once in bright colorful and once in black and white, a wave whose lines are so delightfully imperfect that they look as if painted on the wall with watercolors, and diamonds that overlap and also resemble paintings in watercolors.

Special features

All wallpapers in the Shades collection are hot embossed. 200 to 220 degrees Celsius prevail in the so-called gelling channel, in which the colors are heated. The fine structures are then worked in with a water-cooled steel roller. No other printing process makes it possible to reproduce such precise lines and patterns. Wallpapers produced in this way are also extremely robust.