LOFT is cool. This collection turns walls into deceptively real concrete surfaces, covering them with a subtle patina and amazing its admirers with its fantastic 3D effect. LOFT brings a feeling of expansive generosity into your home. Yet these wallcoverings do not need much to be effective: a plaster structure that seems to be applied indiscriminately, a sparingly used, subtle sheen – and you have the perfect background for personal accessories.

The pattern book offers seven designs:

  • A faded stripe look, matt through and through, with a highlight in the form of a strip of small, shiny rectangles. The pattern needs to be seen from a distance to reveal its impressive 3D look.
  • A deceptively real sisal look in five natural shades, barely distinguishable from real fibres because of its precise workmanship.
  • A structure which, depending on the colours chosen, looks as if it is based on concrete or grained leather.
  • A bark-like weave with slightly shimmering contours.
  • The faded stripe look again, but with a different embossed pattern.
  • Little boxes, combined apparently at random in filled and “empty” designs.
  • A pure concrete look embodying the charm of days gone by.
marburg LOFT 59334
The collection features mainly quiet, homely shades: taupe, wool white, pearl, tobacco. Highlights are added in the form of a copper oxide shade, combined with anthracite and a cardinal red.


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