The success story of the Light Story collections dates back more than a decade. All are defined by timeless elegance, with a pioneering style, and they were all frequently copied. The single-colour models in particular are set to be classics. Those in the current catalogue are in no way inferior to their predecessors. Designed like a spatula structure and almost three-dimensional in effect, it can already be placed in the category “timeless wallcoverings” today.

marburg Light Story Glamour 56827 56844
The design studio of Marburg Wallpaper Company has consciously chosen the name suffix Glamour, since almost all designs feature glitter particles. Even though they are tiny in diameter, they are what make the wallcoverings shine in the true sense of the word, captivating the viewer and lending that certain something to any room decorated with LIGHT STORY GLAMOUR. Besides the finely worked paisley motif, attention should be drawn to thewallcovering that is combined with the large scale ornament: lotsof small leaves distributed all over the wallcovering. This design does not quite express itself in the catalogue, but on the wall, because of the toning colours, it feels wonderfully calm, emphasized by the softly shimmering veins of the leaves.