A metallic sheen on a matte background: La Veneziana IV follows on effortlessly from the successes of its predecessor collections. These wallcoverings combine timeless patterns with the competence and experience that can only be found in one of the oldest wallcovering factories in Europe. The application of the dye, for example, calls for very specialised skills. It is similar to an earlier process known as collagraphy, which produces a special feel and a lovely patina. La Veneziana IV forms the basis for a truly classic setting, makes bedrooms feel cosy and secure, but can also be used in hallways or even kitchens. It’s a great all-rounder!

All the wallcoverings in one colourway can be combined with each other. There are two main motifs: a realistic depiction of a bamboo forest and a delicate sea fan coral pattern. But once again, it is the single-colour designs that are the secret stars here. Choose between:


  • A classic block stripe.
  • A “faux uni” in which the pattern is so small that it looks almost monochromatic.
  • A wallcovering that looks as if the wall had been finished with a sponge.
  • Small, irregular dots.
  • A wallcovering featuring tiny heart shapes that looks just like a fabric.


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The “go-anywhere” properties of the collection extend to the colours too, with colour combinations to suit any area of the home. Those who prefer a quieter look and would like to direct the eye to the interior will choose a greige and platinum combination or an interplay of wool white and silver. Eye-catching accents can be added with a fresh lime, a mixture of turquoise and copper or a combination of brown, gold and platinum.



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