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keimEX® is an antibacterial wall covering that actively combats and significantly reduces germs and bacteria – at no extra cost. Thus, the product reduces pathogens in the wall area in hygienically sensitive rooms; its effectiveness is proven by various expert opinions.

30,000 people die each year as a result of hospital infections. Experts in hospital hygiene assume that the number is much higher than previously thought. However, the estimates are not reliable. The only thing that is certain is that many cases could be avoided.

keimex wallpapers

keimEX® is an antibacterial wall covering that actively combats and reduces germs and bacteria – at no extra cost. Thus, the product reduces pathogens in the wall area in hygienically sensitive rooms, its effectiveness is proven by various expert opinions.
Clinical test results – effectiveness by various independent expert opinions prove the success of keimEX® wallpaper in hygienic applications.
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This wallpaper creates a homely, but above all healthy atmosphere – from hospital to retirement home and also in private environments: keimEX® is the only wall covering available on the market that actively combats and measurably reduces bacteria and viruses with the help of antimicrobial additives. The wallcovering was developed by Ullrich and Paul Eitel. The father-son team – the senior manages the Marburger Tapetenfabrik, the junior is managing director of keimEX® GmbH – has succeeded with keimEX® a small sensation: The wallpaper reduces the local germ load on the wall by 64 percent. The proof has provided several independent clinical studies.

Even lions are enthusiastic about keimEX®, or more precisely, the investors from the well-known VOX TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen”. There, Ullrich and Paul Eitel had recently presented their innovation. A deal didn’t materialize, but all the investors were enthusiastic about the idea and the product. “The world has been waiting for something like this,” they were told.

The fact that he put so much heart and soul into developing a wallpaper that can kill bacteria and viruses has a very personal reason. “I had a case of a hospital infection among my acquaintances, and I started thinking about how to ‘protect’ the largest surfaces of a room – i.e. the walls – from bacteria and viruses,” says Ullrich Eitel.

In 40 years at the helm of the company, his know-how and inquiring mind have brought the family business a wide range of innovations, with which it still holds a unique position today. The most clinically relevant is undoubtedly keimEX®.

The highly effective, antimicrobially active and clinically tested wall covering resembles a non-woven wallpaper. The crucial difference lies in the special surface, which has already impressively proven its effectiveness in studies against influenza (H5N1), noro and herpes viruses, among others. Germs that are classified as multi-resistant (e.g. MRSA) are also eliminated by the wallpaper. Exactly which formula ensures the long-lasting effectiveness of the clever wallcovering is a company secret. It has been impressively proven in clinical tests, for example at the University Hospital Giessen-Marburg. The properties of keimEX® have been certified several times over: the wallpaper is skin-friendly and food-safe, highly wash-resistant, easy and safe to wipe-disinfect, flame-retardant, durable and robust. On their antimicrobial activity, marburg gives 7 years effectiveness guarantee.

With all its advantages, this smart innovation does not incur any additional costs compared with conventional wall coverings – an important aspect, for example, when it comes to equipping modern clinics, retirement and nursing homes, or doctors’ offices. In the practical roll size of 20.00 m x 0.92 m, it can be applied quickly and without additional expense and, if necessary, removed and renewed in complete strips after several years of use.

Since walls have a decisive influence on the atmosphere of a room, keimEX® also takes design aspects into account: the wallpaper has a pleasant feel and, with 17 harmonious color tones and individual solutions in digital printing, opens up a wide range of design and combination options. Until now, disinfection has focused on floors, doorknobs and switches, but the walls take up a disproportionately larger total area – here, keimEX® finally provides a remedy. An innovation in the name of healthy safety – made by marburg.  

Photo credit for “Die Höhle der Löwen”: TVNow / Bernd Maurer

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