The Story

Zellige is a handmade natural clay tile from the Fez region of Morocco. The clay is kneaded with water, shaped by hand with unrefined clay, air dried and fired in the kiln. The glaze is applied to the raw tile in several shimmering semi-transparent shades. This creates the pearlescent, metallic, volcanic or opaque shades. The characteristic features of Zellige are the irregular surfaces, the shades of color and the depth of color. Each Zellige tile is unique. These unique pieces are emblematic of Moroccan architecture.
The wallpapers are offered in 28 beautiful colors: The palette ranges from understated, earthy tones that set the stage for furnishings to bold colorways like denim or aqua, which are reminiscent of roaring water and bring freshness to interiors. In addition, there is the fine coloration: each individual coloration also always bridges the gap between restrained, light tones and intense nuances. This is how the typical shades in the tiles come about.



The peculiarity of the collection lies in the three-dimensionality of the design. Precise shading has been applied to each individual tile, so that the viewer can hardly distinguish a wallpapered wall from the original.

Thus, Zellige captures the magic of the Orient and exudes in any room the charm of a centuries-old craft tradition combined with the mystical, colorful way of life of the Orient.
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