Ulf Moritz and marburg have been working together successfully since the year 2000. The wallcoverings created by the internationally renowned, celebrated designer have been setting the entire industry afire for 17 years. With his sixth collection, Signature, Moritz is presenting an excitingly diverse range of creative wall coverings that are clear and architecturally streamlined. 

It was the circles that made a design statement on walls around the turn of the century and helped wallcoverings to make a stunning comeback. They have been classics ever since. In SIGNATURE, they are as large as grapefruits and arranged in strict symmetry. The colour combinations are clear: Deep Black or Blood Red on a white background. It is precisely this simplicity that radiates strength and fascinates everyone. 
marburg Ulf Moritz SIGNATURE 59759

SIGNATURE combines many different patterns:   

  • A wide diagonal with stripes that come in two versions: one with a soft, supple feel, the other with a masculine granular structure.
  • A three-dimensional, graphically stylised cube. 
  • A circle with a clearly defined contour, austere, but very effective on the wall. These circles are one of the major themes in Ulf Moritz’s collections.
  • Little rectangles arranged in such a way as to create a grid.
  • A strictly graphic wallcovering based on a square overprinted with a lozenge. 
  • A series of elegant, crushed-look wallcoverings, with every roll unique. 
  • A large concentric circle design with granulate. The look is coarse, but the feel is surprising. The little stones feel almost velvety. 


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