Smart Art Easy

The Story

Go on a journey, immerse yourself in foreign worlds,


in short: experience our new murals!


Smell the earthy forest floor? Hear the sound of the waves?


The brilliant print quality makes all motifs in the SMART ART EASY collection look deceptively real. Let yourself be seduced by the charm of times gone by, be intoxicated by the vastness of the ocean, relax while gazing into a seemingly endless field of poppies.


SMART ART EASY touches the heart. You determine what you feel.


Smart Art Easy

Print. Quality

Durable flawless mural

  • Conical edge cut makes seams disappear
  • Multi-layer construction conceals small imperfections
  • fine textured surface eliminates light reflection
  • Lightfast – 3-year warranty
  • Rugged surface due to modern embossing technology

Easy processing

  • High quality nonwoven product, therefore no soaking time
  • Application in simple wall adhesive technique and clear marking of individual sheets
  • Removal without residue in whole without soaking

And you decide how big you want the design to be: Each of the 73 designs consists of two to four panels. In addition, a large part of the prints is repeatable. This means they can be placed together again and again to make even large areas impressive. If, on the other hand, only a small wall is available, sensational effects can also be achieved with just a few panels.