Schöner Wohnen New Spirit

The Story

Do you like things extravagant at home? Then we have a tip for you. How about a floor-to-ceiling bouquet of flowers on the wall instead of on the dining table? If you love flowers,

but need something simpler in their four walls, we recommend our exotic plant world in black on white. And for the romantics when it comes to furnishing, branches which

that enchant the entire room like a delicate play of shadows in the sunlight.

The new wallpapers of the SCHÖNER WOHNEN collection are here! Together with the Marburger Tapetenfabrik we have developed the the best looks of the season: Floral patterns and graphic motifs, strong trendy colours and timeless nuances, fine structures and exciting shine – to create exactly the mood you are looking for in every room.

Schöner Wohnen New Spirit


Great art for the wall. Even 400 years ago, the Dutch masters knew how to artistically stage a bouquet of flowers: opulent blossoms in intoxicating colours
glow against a dark background. The FLEURS digital wallpaper brings a Baroque theme into the 21st century in XL format, provides an extravagant backdrop for
furniture, replaces the bouquet on the coffee table and is quite simply magnificent.

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marburg SCHÖNER WOHNEN at home 32753 a

Schöner Wohnen New Spirit


Sage, stone and rosewood: NUANCE not only plays with current trend colours, but also with our eyes and our perception.

perception. Colour nuances are so cleverly combined in fields that they form lively contrasts, exciting harmonies

and, if you look closely, even form a striped pattern on the wall. Only a digital print can create this subtle colour spectacle.

A must for all colour fans.