Platinum is considered one of the most precious metals in the world. It is used in vehicle construction, dentistry and for the production of the most valuable jewels. The PLATINUM collection is capable of transforming your own four walls into true jewels. Whether a casual used look or a raffia in all the colours of the sunset – this collection offers a large selection of fascinating wallpapers for all areas of the house or apartment. 

The collection consists of four main motifs, for each of which a fine loop design is proposed as a combination wallpaper.

  • Strictly speaking, the first set combines two designs: a very realistic concrete structure and a wickerwork that is reminiscent of mosaic tiles.
  • The second motif not only looks like a bast mat, it is also hardly distinguishable from the original in haptic terms. The pattern for this design was actually based on such a piece of bast. The colours of this set are particularly noteworthy: a potpourri of orange, red and violet tones, put together like a watercolour painting, stands out from the entire collection as much as enchanted shades of green and blue in all shades of a mountain lake or a combination of nutmeg and curry.
  • The third set is graphic: a large diamond with a concrete surface brings calm and structure to the wall.
  • The map is completed by wallpaper that looks like the grain of a centuries-old tree. It has a strong three-dimensional effect, which is created by the special embossing. 

PLATINUM comes up with colour highlights already described. However, the basis of the collection, which is matt throughout, is formed by calm tones such as a gold/tobacco combination, elegant taupe or a combination of white and cream, interrupted by rust accents. 

All wallpapers in the PLATINUM collection are hot embossed. 200 to 220 degrees Celsius prevail in the so-called gelling channel in which the colours are heated. The fine structures are then worked in with a water-cooled steel roller. No other printing process enables the reproduction of such precise lines and patterns. Wallpapers produced in this way are also extremely robust.


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