Natural Opulence

The Story

Awareness of living in harmony with nature is on the rise. People surround themselves with natural, genuine materials, travel more sustainably and want to leave a world worth living in for future generations. This change in values has an impact on interiors: Authentic designs where the eye comes to rest. Colors that create a feel-good ambience – Natural Opulence captures all the beauty that nature has to offer. Unpretentious, elegant and powerful.

The collection features the following designs:
  • An authentic wood grain, punctuated by accurately drawn metallic bars.
  • A surface reminiscent of that fabric extracted from the abacá plant. Somewhat coarser woven, it conveys in a pleasant, honest way down-to-earth and na-ture.
  • Cork creations. On the one hand, in conjunction with amorphous, metallic shimmering cracks and in a second variant with deliberately used patina, which sprays the fascination of the lived.
  • A dried flower-inspired grass motif, delicate and delicate.
  • As unis, the collection offers a longitudinal fabric and a stone surface.

Natural Opulence


The collection is rounded off by three digital print motifs: oversized pampas grass, a palm leaf and – as a contrast – a set in street art style. The colorways are mainly based on the washed-out colorfulness of dried flowers. They have just as relaxed an effect as the motifs themselves: Warm beige and mocha tones, elegant gray in manifold facets, and the combination of soothing anthracite with silver and gold that conveys a sense of security.

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