The spirit of modernity and of new awakenings breathes through this collection. Inspired by the art déco style, Modernistabrings together wallcoverings that are sensuous, elegant and precious. A metallic shimmer, sublime lustre and perfection down to the last detail – these are little works of art that look stunning on larger surfaces.


marburg MODERNISTA 31922 31903

The collection comprises three sets:


  • – A realistic leaf motif that twines across the entire wallcovering. A textile structure and a timeless strié that runs through the entire collection are offered as combination wallcoverings.
  • – Pointed arches inspired by the Art Déco style Chrysler Building in New York. Alongside the delicate filigree stripes, the Collection contains a timeless plaster look as a combination.
  • – A “mini block stripe” in an impressive matt-shine look on a patinated background reminiscent of a hand-finished metal surface. The colour chart once again includes a plaster structure and strié to go with it.