Loft Superior

The ambience of old factory buildings has always exerted a very special charm. Worn, rough surfaces and the imperfect and unfinished look reflect something wild, something revolutionary. Natural stone or cement structures bring puristic elegance and casual naturalness to any room. LOFT superior is the expression of a lifestyle all its own. Equipped without pomp and frills, the collection, like no other, offers the opportunity to fill rooms with their own personality. At the same time, the style is not perfect, revealing corners, edges and flaws. This transfers to the mood, which is more relaxed and open in such an ambience – for sociable rounds until the clouds are purple again.

Special feature: to the brick design is always offered a concrete structure in the same color, so that strictly monochrome, i.e. monochrome, can be worked.

The colors are clearly subordinate to the Industrial Style, to which the collection belongs. The colors are predominantly cool: a clean antique white that looks worn and marked by time, gray-silver that reminds of concrete and iron, anthracite that can be wonderfully combined with wood. But if you flip through the card, you’ll also find homely touches: a timeless greige, a warm sand tone, or – right now – a paler version of the Pantone color for 2022: Very Peri – a purple that inspires creativity and imagination.

Special features

All wallpapers in the LOFT superior collection are hot embossed. 200 to 220 degrees Celsius prevail in the so-called gelling channel, in which the colors are heated. The fine structures are then worked in with a water-cooled steel roller. No other printing process makes it possible to reproduce such precise lines and patterns. Wallpapers produced in this way are also extremely robust.

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