Kids' walls

With digitally printed kids’ wallpaper, the atmosphere can be creatively and emotionally designed. Kids’ Walls transforms any children’s room in a flash into a dreamy forest, lively jungle, endless sky or a playful animal world. The colors range from lovely to fresh and vibrant to neutral and homey. With children’s borders, a simple and quick change is possible with little effort.

The combination of borders or all-over designs with plain wallpapers allows for numerous arrangements. In addition, the unis can also be wallpapered separately as a timeless and discreet solution. Particularly impressive are the large-area murals. These conjure up breathtaking worlds on the wall.

Kids' Walls

Children wallpaper

This collection offers the right frame for the walls of the children’s room for all little personalities. World map motifs for little explorers, deer peeking out from behind trees, colorful airplanes, restrained motifs in black and white or the image of a forest, which can extend over the entire wall surface, as desired. The collection is rounded off with matching plain wallpapers and those that form a block stripe as a base.

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