Unique items for the wall: The KARAT collection gives everyone the opportunity to create a wallcovering that is as unique as they are themselves. For this, the selected motif is applied in rhinestone or pearls to wallpapers that will elegantly customize rooms. This is a high-end speciality which only the Marburg Wallpaper Factory masters.

Almost 60 hot-embossed wallcoverings in 70 cm width are available as the base material. The wide choice of colours here offers a number of fascinating shades, from Arctic blue through platinum, cream and anthracite to warm copper and noble gold. 

The following decorative elements can be applied:

  • black rhinestones (4 and 6 mm diameter)
  • crystal-clear rhinestones (4 and 6 mm diameter)
  • pearl mother-of-pearl (6 and 8 mm diameter)
  • black pearl (6 and 8 mm diameter)
  • silver pearl (8 mm diameter)
  • gold pearl (8 mm diameter)
In addition, the effect of the motif applied in decorative stones can be underlined by digital printing, of lettering, for example.