The Story

With the help of FLORA, the wall can blossom all year round in six styles. From a mountain meadow to an enchanted garden, the inspirations that bring fresh flower power into the ambience range. A naturalistic magnolia in powder shades spreads a delicate spring freshness, a watercolour larkspur creates romance and a still life of honeysuckle and lilac seems to come straight out of an English garden and onto the wallpaper.

Wildflowers on a light or dark background bloom individually or as a whole meadow in opulent splendour and give you a hint of their scent. A collage of silhouette-like flowers creates a summery lightness with a subtle retro touch. Like flowers plucked directly from a graphic novel, they demonstrate style in a modern way.



All FLORA designs are assigned matching plain colours, which offer a wide variety of textures for mix & match or solo appearance, from cotton and linen look to diamond sisal and abacá weave.

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