EMC Wallpapers

Electromagnetic Shielding fleece

  • 90 percent reduction of high-frequency radiation
  • Electromagnetic shielding with all the benefits of a professional wall covering
  • Non-metallic
  • paintable
  • ideal wallpapering base
  • problem-free to process
A too high electromagnetic radiation prevents that our body can fully regenerate at night. The consequences are fatigue, headaches … and over a prolonged period of time, the risk of serious diseases. If you want the greatest possible shielding and professional protection against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation in the wall and ceiling area, we recommend the use of our EMC non-woven wallpaper

Electromagnetic radiation fields have become widespread in recent years and have become a burden on the environment and health.
and have become a burden on the environment and health. Interfering radiation penetrates walls, ceilings and floors unhindered and reaches our living and working spaces as “electrosmog”. More and more people are exposed to serious health risks.

EMV wallpaper: system for walls and ceilings
– Safe shielding effect
– Verified by SGS Germany GmbH, world
Leader in testing, inspection, analysis and certification for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
– Metal and heavy metal free
– Effective for life
– Ideal substrate for individual wall design
– Optimal price-performance ratio


The safe shielding solution against electrosmog


  • Excellent shielding against electromagnetic fields (at least 90%, tested by SGS
    Germany GmbH, Munich)


  • Wallpapering (soaking time 8 min.)
  • Can be painted over or used as a wallpapering primer

Application areas of EMC wallpaper.

  • Wherever effective protection against electromagnetic interference is required. To emphasize
    are private rooms and especially bedrooms.