The Story

This collection looks as if it’s come straight from the desert. As you leaf through it, you can feel the silence of the unspoilt expanses clearing the mind. Subtly harmonised natural shades bring variety into the home. The tactile surface of these unusual wallcoverings is what makes them stand out. Ultra-fine sand is applied in a special process that only very few manufacturers can achieve. No wallpapering could be more realistic. Dune sends the senses on a voyage.


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Warm Natural Colors


Color of Energy

The collection uses the application of sand in three ways:

  • almost completely spread across the wallcovering, like a textured plaster
  • applied in areas, creating interesting patterns
  • as a fine, delicate stripe

As a combination wallcovering, we recommend a subtle single colour with a restrained linen structure and delicately cloudy colour shading. In addition, there are 10 digital prints that pick up the main theme and carry the observer away into the expansive beauty of the desert sands.

The colour combinations are taken from nature. Cream, wool white, elegant beige, darkened copper, sand – these colours will last beyond their time. After all, that is what deserts do too.

The wallcoverings are finished with the finest grains in a special process. Glue is applied with absolute precision to the place on which sand is sprinkled in the next step. The sand sticks, creating the unique wallcovering surface. These wall claddings are sturdy, lasting, and very special.