Dieter Langer, designer-in-chief at the Marburg Wallpaper Factory, presents TANGO, the fifth collection bearing his name. The swatch book comes in an extremely pared-back design, in line with the trend for minimalism. “Less is more” describes the contemporary philosophy dominating the interior design of houses and apartments, meeting the desire for calm and structure in a world that is becoming increasingly complex. TANGO brings its contribution to the table. 

The collection is not structured in sets. Instead, lots of different wallcoverings can be mixed and matched. 
The following designs are outstanding: 

  • A network structure where is seems that you are looking down on the street network of New York.
  • A snakeskin, taken from a real python. 
  • A structure reminiscent of the cross-section of a centuries-old tree.
  • Small dots, arranged symmetrically. 
  • Narrow triangles, connected at their tips. 
  • A wavy teardrop design. 
marburg TANGO 58852
Along with these central motifs, the collection includes a fine linen fabric with a look reminiscent of leather or plaster, depending on the colouring, and an elegant strié of matching structures, providing a range of combination options that impose very few restrictions on your imagination. 


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