The CE Declaration of Performance is a designation of building products under EU directives. By displaying the CE mark on the inserts with the products, we, as the manufacturer, confirm that the product complies with the valid European directives for building products.
Since 1 July 2013, the manufacturer of any building product covered by a harmonized standard provides a Declaration of Performance (DoP). This Declaration of Performance replaces the declaration of conformity. By giving the DoP, the manufacturer is accepting responsibility for the building product’s compliance with the declared performance in terms of its essential characteristics.
The relevant declarations of performance have been provided for all our products in accordance with the product groups defined in DIN EN 15102, and these are available as downloads. If you would like to have the relevant Declaration of Performance for your product, please enter the relevant article number in the empty field. The number of the Declaration of Performance (e.g. DOP 101) is shown with the corresponding CE mark on the product insert.