The Story

The history of crushed wallpaper is a special one. More than 20 years ago, the current owner of the family business, Ullrich Eitel, had the idea to produce wallpaper with wrinkles. Most people shook their heads. But Eitel was undeterred – and proved to be right. The Crush wallpapers have written an unprecedented success story. Each roll is unique and tells of craftsmanship paired with the latest design. With this collection, Creative Director Felix Diener lets the Crush wallpapers arrive in the here and now. On the one hand, this concerns the finishing of the wallcoverings with large-format digital prints, and on the other hand, the manufacturing process. The wallpapers are printed throughout with water-based inks – an appreciation of sustainable, natural resources.

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Unique. Crafted

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The collection is divided into four groups. They differ in the style of their digital prints:


Arty Expression: Colorful and dazzling – that’s how this group can be summarized. Anyone who wallpapers Arty Expression wants to stand out, wants to make his home a stage. Hummingbirds in all colors of the rainbow and colorful flower garlands characterize the picture. Highlight of this group are the funds with tinsel and wallpaper with mirror effect in different colors.


Deep Ethno: This style is something for globetrotters! Folkloric motifs and Batik designs give the ambience a touch of oriental coziness. Earthy and sandy nuances are combined with a deep blue – a highlight on every wall.


Modern Asia: Detailed cranes, cherry blossoms and bamboo – that, that characterizes the land of the rising sun has been artfully captured on wallpaper. The designs are delicate, but very clear. Here, too, there are slightly iridescent wallpapers with tinsel and matte funds.


Pure Nature: Watercolor-like blossoms, leaves and grasses – the world outside of our four walls was the inspiration for these designs. Nature has the ability to let us come to rest. This is also the case with the digital prints. This group is printed exclusively on a matte base, only the folds have a slight sheen.

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The wallpapers in the collection are predominantly calm tones that are based on current color trends: Powdered old pink, refreshing mint, intense indigo or restrained cream – the colorways are unobtrusive and noble. A highlight is undoubtedly a silvery shiny wallpaper which is the basis of three digital prints of the series “Arty Expression”.

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