Pulsating urban life and the elegance of the big wide world unite in this collection. CITY GLOW knows how to masterfully combine casualness and glamor, because almost all wallpapers show an aesthetically sophisticated interplay of shine and mattness. In this while, they playfully combine cool nonchalance with a subtle magic, which the viewer can hardly escape. Thus, CITY GLOW brings a magical moment into your own four walls.

The collection has the following main designs:

  • A striped helix whose lines have been underlaid with shadows, creating a three-dimensional effect.
  • A weathered-looking damask motif on a concrete-like background. This background is offered in the collection as a plain to combine.
  • A realistic looking leaf motif, also applied to the rough, concrete-like background. This combination of contrasts forms the basis for a very special atmosphere in your own four walls.
  • Shiny lines of different widths, reminiscent of the seemingly endless branches of a large river.

The main motifs already attract attention, but the secret star of the collection is a supposedly inconspicuous plain, which is offered in eleven colors. It comes up with a delicate structure reminiscent of weathered walls and is covered with gloss in selected places. The metallic colors are particularly outstanding: noble gold, timeless silver gray or a warm copper. The collection itself is homely: beige tones that allow the viewer to relax and white in all its facets. However, dark, mysterious colors also play a major role, taking coolness into account.

Special features

All wallpapers in the CITY GLOW collection are hot embossed. 200 to 220 degrees Celsius prevail in the so-called gelling channel, in which the colors are heated. The fine structures are then worked in with a water-cooled steel roller. No other printing process makes it possible to reproduce such precise lines and patterns. Wallpapers produced in this way are also extremely robust.

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