The wallpapers for the children’s room from the collection KUNTERBUNT are very special: designed by parents, loved by children. Whether decorating a room for a baby or for a primary school child – the boys and girls can choose from beautiful motifs

Children’s rooms are very special rooms that must be able to do many things. They should be comfortably furnished so that the little ones feel at home. They should encourage play and of course also be a place of learning and knowledge. The JONAS KÖTZ children’s room collection meets all these requirements. The basis is formed by three beautiful digital print motifs that invite discovery and amazement. These are flanked by delicately colored wallpaper, fun borders and matching fabrics. Clou of the card are the rake borders. Here, four different main characters (sheep, panda, cow and lion) lift the curtain to the world of mathematics by presenting small tasks and immediately the solutions with full physical effort. These borders all have a length of five meters to be able to represent the calculation process in its entirety.

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