The Story

Fabrics and wallpapers give an ambience the perfect feel-good atmosphere and provide the finishing touches to the interior. When textile surfaces meet the unbroken megatrend “Urban Jungle”, the walls leave their mark. They transform the home into oases of stylish coziness. The Botanica collection combines these two design elements to such perfection that you sometimes think you’re sitting on an optical illusion. But we guarantee, it’s “just” wallpaper!

The collection features the following designs:

  • Lush, authentic-looking foliage – including the popular monstera plant or palm leaves.
  • A surface reminiscent of a bast mat.
  • Finely woven bamboo in a herringbone pattern.

For this purpose, two unis can be combined – one with finer, the other with a slightly coarser linen texture.


Urban Jungle

The collection is structured according to colorways. The range extends from homely tones such as wool white or soft greige to colors with intensity: homey anthracite or intense natural green become stars where they can make an impact. Botanica also offers highly contemporary highlights with chalk tones or metallics.

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