Zaha Hadid was one of the most respected personalities in the international architectural community. The Iraqi-born British architect was the first woman to be awarded the Pritzker Prize, the most important distinction in architecture. Unexpectedly for all, Hadid passed away on 31 March 2016 – at the age of just 65. She and her team had worked on the designs of this exceptional wallcovering book until shortly before her death. “Hommage” is a memorial of Zaha Hadid’s work. 

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 What you see here is not a wallcovering collection in the usual sense. Here you have a trendsetting design, and yes, art for the wall. The effect of the digital prints – strictly limited to 300 copies per colourway – can only be surmised when we look at the room shots. One has to stand in front of the wallcovering to understand the meaning of design for Zaha Hadid: a fascinating reordering of the room using organic forms. Choosing Zaha Hadid – HOMMAGE reveals the knowledge of good design based on exceptional architecture.