691 Ulf Moritz SCALA

SCALA stands for sensual opulence. The soft, expressive colours are rich and sensuous. The patterns are pointed reminders of classic baroque and rococo subjects and reminiscences of Japan. The choice of materials shows superb sophistication: lacquer, mica and, a complete innovation, glass beads that give the wallcoverings an excitingly delicate lustre. Granulates that are no longer pure and archaic, but rich and shiny.

marburg SCALA 74868

The innovation here is the use of tiny, colourless beads that represent the lightness with which Ulf Moritz overcomes boundaries in design to produce totally new creations. The avant-garde design takes on an iridescent sophistication as it catches the light – either matt, like velvet, or softly shining like elegant damask. A additional mica finish reinforces the strong lustre. The light is softly broken in the background colours of the wallcoverings.