Timeless, elegant, high-quality – succinct and to the point, these words capture the essence of the SAVOY collection. Embellished with discreet gilt accents, the swatch book is directed primarily towards lovers of the classic interior design style with traditional furnishings and a subtle arrangement of details.

SAVOY consists of three sets:

  • A curved ornament on which seemingly endless leaves and flowers put out tendrils over the entire surface.
  • A floral damask motif with abstract small flowers.
  • A symmetrically arranged Art Deco element.

A combination striped wallcovering is offered to accompany every main motif – a must-have wallcovering for every classic collection. In addition, a linen textile texture runs through the entire swatch book and forms the background to every main motif.

marburg SAVOY 59067
SAVOY colourways are uniformly classic: homely tones in a range of gradations predominate – from understated beige or elegant grey to a warm chocolate and rosewood pairing. The adventurous go for a contemporary sea green or an amalgamation of black, brown, white and silver. Used sparely on the contours of the motifs and also appearing as a fine stripe, a hint of gilt accentuates the elegant chic of this swatch book.