Natural Vibes Wallcoverings

Natural Vibes

The Story

Life isn’t perfect, nor does it run in straight lines. And it doesn’t need to! It’s precisely this “Everything’s just fine as it is” feeling that the Natural Vibes Collection brings right into your own home. The wallcoverings are based on a textile structure that’s a world away from being accurate and precise. On the contrary: It’s as if it’s been hand-woven, with passion and dedication. With its hemp fibre look, it makes every home feel warm and cosy, and within the collection, it forms part of every main design, giving a sense of overall continuity.

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The collection features three main designs:

  • Brown and red-fronted lemurs in their natural habitat – an unusual nod to the long-standing fashion for jungle prints.
  • A stripe overprinted with a detailed ethnic print. Once again we see a lack of perfection, because the strokes look as if they have been drawn individually by hand.
  • A large check pattern that picks up the hand-weaving concept and looks simple and carefree because of the loose design.
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You need a little nature to be free

Natural Vibes

The colours

It is the colours that turn the collection into something special. The subtle grey shades are so varied that fans of this ever-changing tone will find plenty to enjoy. Cool and confident or charming and comfortable – there’s a shade to suit every state of mind. In addition, a wonderfully fashionable sage green will catch everyone’s eye and, combined with denim, add vibrancy and youthfulness to any room.