Merino is not just to be looked at, you have to touch the wallpaper – every single one. Especially the plain wallpapers have such a material character that they almost deceive the human senses. Gentle shine flashes through these – in the true sense of the word – cloth-matt appearance. This makes the collection look very noble, but by no means obtrusive. Because merino is arranged according to colour, all wallpapers can be combined with each other within one colour. Each colouring comprises five designs and a plain in different gradations.

 The colors are: 

a restrained, homely taupe
a brick red with shiny brass accents
calm wool white with beige
a combination of tobacco and gold tones
Grey in many facets, modern arranged with Marine
a fresh, lively arrangement of petroleum, turquoise and green tones

 The following designs can be found on the map: 

An organic pattern resembling the fur of a giraffe. 
Interrupted circles consisting of short, parallel lines. 
Horizontal stripes of varying length, which – because they are not parallel – lose their strictness. 
An overlapping ornament, drawn with generous sweep. 
Tiny triangles, accurately placed side by side. 

marburg MERINO 59115 b
The Marburger Tapetenfabrik achieves the extraordinary feel of the merino unis, this wonderful material character, by embossing the wallpaper with a finely engraved steel roller at over 200 degrees Celsius. This process also has the advantage that the wall coverings become extremely robust.