252 LA VIE

LA VIE is French and means “life”. And this collection’s name could hardly be more fitting. Just like real life, it is full of surprises and many details that only become apparent when taking a closer look.

LA VIE consists of three sets:  

  • Artwork based upon an abstract star motif. This harbours two secrets at once. Firstly the viewer will think the design was stamped onto the surface. Secondly, a 3D decorative band has been worked in.
  • A pattern that consists of metallically shimmering horizontal bands.
  • Another graphic motif is reminiscent of a chain curtain and thus also featuring shiny elements. The wallpaper to go with it consists of filigree stripes.
LA VIE is worth a close look. The wallpaper is rotary-silkscreen-printed and embossed. All raised elements show a filigree pattern. Embossing must be done very carefully. Just a tiny bit too much pressure and the effect is destroyed.